City Government
The City Council
The Rufus City Council is composed of a mayor and four
council members elected from the city at large. Except as
the charter provides otherwise the powers of the city shall
be vested in the council. Terms of office for Council
members shall run 4 years with elections staggered so that two members run for election every general election year.

The City Council holds a public meeting every first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 P.M. at the Meeting Hall, to discuss city business. Persons wishing to be on the agenda can contact the City Recorder at least 1 week before the meeting to be included.
The Mayor
The Mayor is chairman of the council and presides over its deliberations. He has a vote on all questions before it. He has the authority to preserve order, enforce the rules of the council, and determine the order of business under the rules of the council.
The city currently consists of two staff members.

The City Operator: This person is in charge of all street maintenance, maintenance of the water and sewer system, maintenance of equipment and general upkeep of City Holdings. He must hold state certifications to maintain the City Water and City Sewer Systems.

The City Recorder: Like the operator this person wears many hats handling the general accounting, acting as secretary to the council, administration of land use permits, record keeping, and treasurer duties.
Local Gov.
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