7:00 P.M.                        Regular City Council Meeting                        December 7, 2008

 Council Members Present:  Sharon Nolan, Scott Holliday, Dean Brege

Absent:  Bill Beers and Clifford Jett

 Also Present:  Sue Jackson, Ron Jensen, Louise Stephens, Jeanine Pehlke, Dan Pehlke, Dennis Bradley, Mike Sandberg and John Jensen.

  Sharon Nolan read minutes from November 12, 2008 meeting. Scott made motion to accept the minutes as read, Dean seconded, motion passed. 

 Sharon discussed water and sewer bills council saying that we have $9000 out in way past due balances. In one month we showed a lot of improvement and only had to shut off one person.

 Sue Jackson a community center update on bingo and upcoming events. At the Thanksgiving Dinner we had 125-130 people attend, and raised $450.05. Bingo raised $164 for tickets and $267.10 on concessions.

 Dan & Jeanine Pehlke   purposed to the council if they could purchase the alley behind there hotel so that they could increase the size of the rooms and to add kitchenettes for future business. They were informed that there are a few more steps that need to be taken into consideration and would need to be discussed with neighbors but would be further looked into and discussed at the next city council meeting.

 Mike Sandberg informed council that Rural Fire Protection District would donate a brush truck to the City of Rufus for $1. There were a couple of suggestions with the sell of this truck which was to try and keep it indoors and that the S16 stickers must be changed in the next six months. Dean made a motion to accept the sell of the brush truck for $1, Scott seconded, motion passed.

Hearing of no further business Dean made a motion to adjourn, Sharon seconded, motion passed. Meeting adjourned.